Timeline November 01, 1964

Gil Friesen


Gil Friesen Is Hired

1964 - Former talent manager Gil Friesen, an old friend of Jerry’s (and a former neighbor of Herb’s), is brought on as General Manager of A&M Records. Gil’s first move as GM is to convince Herb to assemble a real-life Tijuana Brass to fill the growing demand for a tour. They sell out stadiums all over the world.


Timeline October 01, 1964


The Teaberry Shuffle

October, 1964 - Herb Alpert's third Tijuana Brass album, South of the Border, contains a dance tune called "The Mexican Shuffle." Clark's Chewing Gum purchases the song for its new television commercials, featuring everyday people spontaneously dancing a silly little jig.

That silly little jig, nicknamed "the Teaberry Shuffle," catches on all over America. The dance, the gum, and the Herb Alpert album that accompanies it, all become pop culture icons. Even the phrase, "He did the Teaberry Shuffle," becomes popular slang to describe a person getting overly excited about something.


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